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Baby PFD

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Baby PFD: Top-Rated Infant Swim Support

Make your aquatic adventures safe and enjoyable for the whole family with our Baby PFD - an ideal safety essential designed specifically for infants. Crafted with top-notch materials, this Infant Personal Floatation Device provides unparalleled buoyancy and comfort. Its design ensures your child's utmost safety while swimming, boating, or engaging in other water activities. The Baby PFD is easy to wear, adjustable, and offers a secure fit to keep your little one safe and comfortable during their water adventures.


The Best Baby Life Jacket

This vest is the only award winning life jacket for infants on the market. The one piece front design ensures that the baby will turn face up from a face forward position. The 3 piece collar cradles the head when lifted by the collar straps or while the baby is floating on their back. Other features include, fully adjustable mesh straps and easy grab handle.

Recommended Infant Weight: 9-25 lbs


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