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Ymir Carbon

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With a generous storage capacity and long, sleek waterline the Ymir is a kayak well suited to the longest of expeditions.The v-shaped hull lends the Ymir a great blend of speed and tracking without sacrificing stability. A high deck offers larger paddlers ample legroom, while still allowing for an unimpeded paddle stroke. A flush day hatch behind the seat allows for easy access to on the water essentials. The aluminum rudder offers responsive control at the push of a pedal. With high quality vacuum infused construction, this kayak has excellent strength in a lightweight package. Colour matched hatches provide dependable dry storage with a touch of style.

For a kayak with similar features more suited to smaller paddlers, consider the Freyja.



  • Hand Toggles: Mounted with robust cord the hand toggles provide exceptional comfort while carrying the kayak.
  • Cargo Hatches: Flush hatches offer intuitive access and dependable water resistance.
  • Bulkheads: The curved bulkheads offer superior strength while the slope allows for water to be more easily drained from the cockpit.
  • Perimeter Lines: Stout lines at bow and stern allows for easy grasping of the kayak while doing rescues. 
  • Recessed Deck Fittings: Deck line hardware recessed to reduce snagging while keeping the lines easy to access.
  • Aluminum Rudder: The easily deployed rudder enables exceptional control in all conditions.





Ymir Carbon

Control Rudder
Length 18' 
Width 22" 
Depth 13 3/4" 
Weight Carbon 44 lbs 
Cockpit Dimensions 28.75" 
Paddler Weight 175 – 250 lbs
Capacity 375 lbs 
Cockpit 150 L
Front Bulkhead 60 L
Rear Bulkhead 70 L
Day Hatch 41L
Total Volume 321 L



  • Weight: 44lb (20kg)
  • Length: 18' (550cm)
  • Width: 22" (56cm)
  • Cockpit Dimensions: 30.7" X 15.7" X 15.7" (78cm X 40cm X 40cm)
  • Total Volume: 321L
  • Bulkhead: 60L
  • Cockpit: 150L
  • Day Hatch: 41L
  • Rear Bulkhead: 70L
  • Recommended  paddler weight: 176.3lb - 242.5lb (80kg. - 110kg)
  • Max loading weight: 264.5lb (120kg)

 Ymir Kayaks are available in Carbon or Fibreglass.



  Ymir Fiberglass Ymir Carbon
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