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North Coast Trail Map

North Coast Trail Map

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The North Coast Trail is a 43.1km extension to the Cape Scott Trail that officially opened in May 2008. If traveling west, it begins at Shushartie Bay and ends at Nissen Bight, and involves traversing rugged terrain
interspersed with beautiful sand beaches. At Nissen Bight it connects with the older Cape Scott Trail. The trail exits at San Josef Bay, making the entire hike 58 kilometres. It is a noteworthy challenge and opens up a section of Vancouver Island otherwise rarely seen. The North Coast Trail mapsheet is the key resource for hiking this trail, as it outlines the logistics, features, hurdles and attractions along the entire length.

It is printed on waterproof/tearproof synthetic paper, so will end your hike in as good condition as it started. Hopefully the same can be said about you! At 22X32", it provides a large overview of the trail while still folding down to a handy 4x11" size.

The reverse is a regional overview and include the North Island Circle Route for use by kayak. This challenging route begins at Port Hardy, rounds the outer coast at Cape Scott and ends by traveling Quatsino Sound to exit at Coal Harbour, conveniently close to your starting point. It covers much of Vancouver Island's wildest, most challenging and most remote coastline, and so is a great opportunity for a wilderness adventure and seeing coastline that few people will ever see. Moreso it is perfectly suited to kayaking, if proper care is taken.

The mapsheet is an auxiliary publication to the BC Coast Explorer Volume 1, which covers this section of coast in considerably more detail. The mapsheet will have what you need while on your trip, while the BC Coast Explorer guide book offers the necessary information to plan your trip ahead of time.


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