NRS Frame Adjustable Dry Box Mounts


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NRS Frame Adjustable Dry Box Mounts

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Tired of your drybox being too high or too low? Fine-tune the height of your drybox to the perfect elevation with NRS Adjustable Drybox Mounts.



    • Each piece of the mount is hung from separate 1" NRS HD Tie Down Straps, making the unit infinitely adjustable for height and width.
    • The aluminum bottom pieces, bent at right angles, secure the drybox in place, eliminating shifting. Very convenient when you're rowing from it.
    • Protects your raft floors by keeping the drybox elevated.
    • Comes with a pair of 6' NRS Loop Straps, for cinching down the load.
    • Suspend with 1" NRS HD Tie Down Straps (included)


    • 6" length on a side
    • Product Weight: 2.45 lbs
    • Aluminum Hardware
    • Includes 2 sets of NRS 6' NRS loop straps



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