NRS Toaster Mitts


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NRS Toaster Mitts

NRS Toaster Mitts

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The mitten-style design of the NRS Toaster Mitts increases warmth while the raw neoprene palm and pre-curved shape enhance grip and dexterity in this best-selling paddling "glove."


    • 3.5 mm raw neoprene exterior with titanium laminate adhesive sheds water, eliminating evaporative cooling and enhancing insulation.
    • RawHide™ palm delivers unbeatable grip.
    • Fast-drying VaporLoft™ interior lining increases warmth and feels great against the skin.
    • Simple, two-panel construction for a superior fit.
    • Stitching between the index and middle fingers helps with dexterity.
    • Pre-curved finger design prevents hand fatigue.
    • Liquid-sealed seams help keep water out.
    • Pairing snaps on the wrists help keep the gloves together.
    • Weight: 6oz


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