Psycho Tech Gloves 3mm


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O'Neill Psycho Tech Gloves 3mm

Psycho Tech Gloves 3mm

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O'Neill Psycho Tech: For the Adventurous

Unleash your water sports potential with the Psycho Tech Gloves 3mm. Designed for high-performance athletes, these gloves provide unparalleled thermal protection even in the iciest waters. Crafted by renowned surf gear provider O'Neill, these neoprene gloves offer a stellar combination of durability and comfort, perfect for any adventure. Whether you're surfing, kayaking, or diving, these gloves ensure a high-grip and water-resistant experience that will make every adventure worthwhile. Equip yourself with the Psycho Tech Gloves 3mm, the ultimate companion for your water sports adventures.


Thermal Protection with Psycho Tech Gloves

Stay covered Head-to-Toe in O'Neill's premium lineup of equipment designed to shield you from the harshest conditions. Our world-class athletes search the planet for perfect surf, the R&D team at Area 52 developed product to allow you to perform in the most extreme elements and excel in the coldest climates.


    • Anatomical Fit
    • Wind-Proof Smoothskin
    • Hydrophobic Technobutter 3
    • TechnoButter Firewall
    • Tacky Grip
    • O'Ring Seal
    • Exterior: TechnoButter 3
    • Exterior: Wind-Proof Smoothskin
    • Interior: TechnoButter FireWall
    • Exterior: Fluid Seam Weld


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