Press - Fit Kayak Fin (Blackfoot Angler)


Aquaglide Press-Fit Kayak Fin for Blackfoot Angler

Press - Fit Kayak Fin (Blackfoot Angler)

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For better mobility and usability of kayaks with US fin boxes, like the Chelan and Blackfoot, Aquaglide offers a novel option. The press-fit fins use friction for a secure, tool-free connection on any US fin box, doing away with the need to fiddle with the tab and screw attachment mechanism. The replaceable stoppers on the fins also allow for modification to different fin box tolerances. Press-fit fins made with Glass Flex Construction are lightweight, robust, and long-lasting, assuring prolonged usage. The fins deliver exceptional tracking and weed-shedding performance thanks to Aquaglide's tried-and-true fin shape. Also, to add a bit of flare to their kayaking experience, buyers can select between two distinct graphic treatments inspired by the Chelan and Blackfoot Angler kayaks. Accept the ease of Aquaglide's press-fit fins and wave goodbye to the aggravation of conventional fin attachment techniques.


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