Pro 10400 LED Rechargeable LED with Powerbank


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Pro 10400 LED Rechargeable LED with Powerbank

Pro 10400 LED Rechargeable LED with Powerbank

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Level Up with Pro-10400 LED Light

Empower your outdoor experience with the Pro-10400 LED Rechargeable Light with Powerbank. It’s not just a high-intensity LED light but also serves as a portable powerbank, becoming a versatile addition to your adventure gear. The long-lasting battery ensures you'll never be left in the dark or without a power source. Compact and durable, it's an ideal companion for night trekking and emergency situations. This multi-use tool is truly a high-capacity solution for your outdoor power needs.


Compact and Powerful: Pro-10400 Light

CLAYMORE Pro series has various functions which are essential for outdoor activity. This lamp is characterised by the extremely robust casing and adequately bright light.


    • Product Dimensions ‎18.8 x 12.45 x 7.37 cm
    • Weight: 680 Grams
    • Batteries ‎1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
    • Size ‎Pro M - 1000 Lm
    • Style ‎Pro M - 1000 Lm
    • Bulb Type: ‎LED
    • Wattage ‎37.44 watts
    • 2 x S-hook
    • USB cable (5-pin, 20 cm)


    • Change light color depends on your mood for outdoor. 3 different color is adjustable in your need. (3,000K, 4,200K, 6,200K)
    • Power bank function which is useful for the outdoor activity.
    • Various mounting options are available by using handle wire and S-hook
    • SOS signal function could be used in emergency situation.


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