Ripper 2.0 Small


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Pyranha Ripper 2.0 Small Kayak Orange Soda

Ripper 2.0 Small

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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

Utilising the Pyranha Ripper 2.0 Small Kayak, you may enjoy the exhilaration of whitewater paddling. This high-performance kayak, built for thrill-seekers, smoothly negotiates difficult rapids and waves, giving you the ability to complete the most dangerous aquatic activities. For paddlers who are thrill-seeking, its nimble design and outstanding manoeuvrability make it the ideal craft.


Streamlined Design for Optimal Performance

The Pyranha Ripper 2.0 Small Kayak features a cutting-edge, streamlined design that improves stability and speed. You can easily cut through the water thanks to its planing hull and prominent rocker, which provide swift acceleration and accurate control. Smooth, snappy rolls are made possible by the low-profile rear deck, and a snug, personalised fit is guaranteed by the adjustable outfitting.


Built for Safety and Durability

The Pyranha Ripper 2.0 Small Kayak is made to survive the worst situations since it is made of premium, impact-resistant materials. In order to keep your kayak in good condition during your trips, it has a strengthened hull and deck that adds to its defence against rocks and other debris. For increased safety on the water, the kayak also has handy security bars and grab grips.



Size Length Width Cockpit Weight Volume Optimum Paddler Weight  
S 266cm / 8' 8" 24.5" 35x20" 42lb 55(us)gal 40-75kg / 88-165lb See In Store
M 274cm / 8' 11" 25.5" 35x20" 44lb 62(us)gal 65-95kg / 145-210lb See In Store
L 277cm / 9' 1" 26" 35x20" 46lb 71(us)gal 80-125kg / 175-275lb See In Store


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