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Row West Dragon Boat Shorts

Padded Shorts

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Enhance Paddling with Padded Shorts

Paddle with ease and confidence in our Padded Shorts. Specifically designed for water sports, they deliver the right blend of durability and comfort. Lightweight, yet robust, these shorts facilitate high performance on any waterscape. With their secure fit, experience the ultimate freedom of movement for all your outdoor sports activities. Breathable and water-resistant, our Padded Shorts are the ultimate in comfort, making them a necessary addition to your paddling gear.


Comfortable Paddling with Padded Shorts

The Dragon Boat Shorts by Row West is a durable and quick-drying piece of technical apparel. 12oz Yukon Fleece is used to pad your backside for long days on the water but is lightweight enough that you can still walk around comfortably in them. 


These shorts are tight-fitting so please take a look at the sizing guide. We know paddlers come in all shapes and sizes, so if you don't see a profile that works for you, just email and ask for some help. 

The sizing table provides a general sizing assist based on height and weight. Many people will not see a match but you can get an idea of what might fit you if you consider that, for example, a person who is S for height but L for weight likely needs an XL. The elastic circumference chart can help as well. The elastic is measured relaxed so keep in mind that it has a lot of stretch. A person with a 32" waist will be comfortable in a 25" elastic waistband.


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