Skid Plate - 4" x 25"

Patch & Repair

Skid Plate - 4" x 25"

Skid Plate - 4" x 25"

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PatchNProtect provides the premiere skid plate solution for all kinds of watercraft. PatchNProtect skid plates include a high performance self-adhesive backing that holds tight against impact, water, weather, and vibration.  The skid plates can be customized by the boat owner to any boat style and when heated can be formed around any bow or stern angle.  Once cooled they form a protective layer, taking the abuse and extending the life of the craft.


  • Simple forming and adhering process
  • Quick application
  • High skid & abrasion resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Trimmable material

Can be used on, ABS, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Polyethylene, Wood And More!



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