Mini Monkey (Kids)

Soul Waterman

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Soul Waterman Mini Monkey (Kids) - Light Sabre Orange | Western Canoe Kayak

Mini Monkey (Kids)

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The Mini Monkey is the natural step up for kids who've grown up in the Mini Me, and are ready to take their paddling to the next level. It is equally the perfect choice for getting kids in the 8-12yr old range into paddling as their first beginner boat. The focus as been on ease, in every way possible. Easy to paddle, easy to turn, easy to roll, easy to edge and ferry. Easy to surf, and easy to stay high and dry when running small drops. 
It's small, so it's light to carry and and feels light to paddle. The displacement bow morphs fluidly and softly into a rounded hull in the tail with light rails, so it'll surf better and help kids with caving into eddies, without affecting predictability and general forgiveness. 
The Yellow, is lightweight and outfitted with their kids fittings, in a slalom kayak sized cockpit. The Orange has the same fittings but is heavier and stronger construction, so it'll take more abuse.



  • Length: 5'3 | 160 cm
  • Width: 20" | 51cm
  • Height (Front): 8.5" | 21.5cm
  • Height (Back): 7.7" | 19.5cm
  • Nose Rocker: 7.5" | 14cm
  • Tail Rocker: 5.5" | 14cm
  • Rocker type: Progressive
  • Cockpit Length (Outside): 27.5" | 70cm
  • Cockpit Width (Outside): 15.7" | 40cm
  • Plastic type: Superlinear
  • Boat Weight (Yellow): 16.5lbs | 9kg
  • Boat Weight (Orange): 18.5lbs | 11kg
  • General Paddler Weight: 40lbs-80lbs | 18kg-37kg
  • Beginner Paddler Weight: 40lbs-70lbs | 18kg-32kg
  • Internal Bracing: Skeletor Extreme (Std Version)
  • Grab loops: 2
  • Rotax Skeg Box: Yes (skeg not included)
  • Volume: 26 Gal | 100 ltr
  • Lifetime Warranty




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