Spare Drink Holder


Clip attachment on the Spare Drink Holder

Spare Drink Holder

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The  Spare Drink Holder can be attached to the front flap of the Taj M'Haul Deck bag for a convenient place to hold your favorite beverage. It also can be used as a replacement for the drink holder on the Saddle Bag Cooler made by NRS 


    • The plastic clip on the back includes the male and female portion of the clip. (the female portion is not usually used)
    • The male portion of the clip attaches directly to the Saddle Bag Cooler, ClampIT Drink Holder and the Taj M'Haul deck bag.
    • The lid with it's pull tab with a hook-and-loop closure keeps your drink secure in rough water and keeps spray out of your drink.
    • Rugged nylon is durable while neoprene insulation on the inside helps keep your beverage cold.
    • This cup and can holder will keep your hands free to paddle or row.
    • A mesh bottom lets water drain.


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