Spirit 1.0 Plus - Long Shaft w/ Battery


Spirit 1.0 Plus - Long Shaft  w/ Battery

Spirit 1.0 Plus - Long Shaft w/ Battery

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Go Electric with the Spirit 1.0 Plus! Industry-leading performance reliability and noise control are what truly sets the Spirit Plus apart from the competition. 

Incredible Efficiency

Spirit 1.0 Plus has an incredible efficiency up to 55%. Its 1 kW motor could deliver the propulsive power equivalent to a 3 HP petrol engine.

Push the Limit

Normally without an external fuel tank, a portable outboard in the range of 2.5 HP to 5 HP, has a run time of less than 45 min. Spirit 1.0 Plus pushes the running time limit of a 3 HP outboard and has an overwhelming superiority with 50% more runtime.

Performance Table


Speed*(kmph / knot) 

Range* (km / nm)

 Running Time (hh:mm)

 Slow Speed

4.3 / 2.3 

 87.4 / 46.8


 Economical Speed

6.8 / 3.7 

34 / 18.5 


 Full Speed

9.4 / 5.1 

11.8 / 6.4 


*Inflatable, dinghy, daysailor up to 1.5 tonnes.

**The performance data is based on a 12-foot aluminum boat with one Spirit 1.0 Plus. The actual speed, range and running time may vary because of different boats, load, weather, etc.

3rd-Party Battery Compatible

The 48V operating voltage allows Spirit 1.0 Plus to work with an external battery to extend the range. With the ePropulsion original E-Series LiFePO4 batteries, you will be free from range anxiety.

Thoughtful Battery Details

24 Li-Po battery cells and an advanced BMS, battery management system, are placed inside. The layout is heat dissipation oriented to ensure full power running for an entire hour. Multiple shakeproof design is applied.
    • User-friendly battery handle - Carry the battery with a handle. The ergonomic design means you can easily carry the battery with little effort.
    • Considerate mounting slots - A mounting slot on both sides of battery helps you quickly align and fix the battery in position.
    • Independent charging port - Charging and discharging can happen simultaneously, which means a solar panel can be connected to provide constant power during a boat trip on a sunny day.
    • Protective vent - A high-quality vent effectively balancing the air pressure inside the battery housing maintains healthy working environment that is beneficial for the battery service life.
    • Lifting buckle - Designed to facilitate placing in or lifting up the battery. It helps quickly swap a spare battery on board.
    • Flame-retardant battery housing - Besides protection from the advanced BMS built inside the battery, the housing material that meets the highest plastics flammability grade V-0 offers double security.
    • Metal Electrical ConnectorA robust electrical connector made of high-quality stainless steel with PVD (physical vapor deposition) processing, it achieves simply corrosion-free. 
    • Floating Design - Why not travel with a spare battery to extend your range? Spirit battery can float, so you’re worry free from a permanent battery loss when you make a battery replacement in the middle of your ride.

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