Spirit Plus Solar Charger

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1 Review

  • Good engineering, poor documentation

    Posted by Ram on 2023 Apr 8th

    The charger seems very well made, strong, watertight case (fairly heavy for its size), and good, sturdy cables. I had problems hooking it up to the solar panel I'm using (not the ePropulsion one). It turns out there is no established standard for the polarity/gender of MC4 connectors, and it took awhile to figure out that the connectors on the adapter cable that came with the solar panel were the opposite polarity to those on the charger. There was no indication of the polarity of the charger cables in the original documentation, but Western obtained some additional specs from ePropulsion that helped me figure out that I needed to make a new adapter cable. So now it works with the panel, and most of the time the single status light is green. But occasionally it turns red, and there's no help from the documentation on that either. Other than these minor "startup" issues I'm quite happy to have this charger. We haven't had enough full sunlight yet to know how fast it's going to charge the Spirit Plus battery.

Spirit Plus Solar Charger