Trax 2x30 Plug-In Cart


Hobie Trax 2 x 30 Cart

Trax 2x30 Plug-In Cart

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The Hobie Trax 2x30 Kayak Cart is the larger version of their popular Trax 2 cart. The 2x30 features wider, higher volume tires, necessary for larger Hobie Mirage kayaks like the Pro Angler series, Island Series or tandem models. The Trax 2x30 cart is the best option for most terrain, as it rolls over uneven surfaces with ease. Welded stainless steel frame and axle ensure long life. The wheels are also easily removable for transport or storage.

Wheels: 30cm

Cart Width: 33.5"  

Please note: If used with the Tandem Island we recommend also using the Cart Cradles for Tandem Island to help disperse the load. 


Hobie #80043001


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