12' Wide Stern w/ Wood Web Seats


12' Wide Stern Canoe by Sprotspal Side View

12' Wide Stern w/ Wood Web Seats

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    • Lightweight: Aluminium's light weight means more GO with less PUSH. Canoes are easy to paddle, carry and handle better on car tops, towing and launching

    • Durable: High tensile strengths and stiffness means excellent hull integrity, long lasting durability, and high strength-to-weight ratio.

    • Impact Resistant: Elasticity of the metal due to it's 2.5% magnesium content reduce chances of puncturing. Underwater objects frequently only dent rather than puncture the hull.

    • Aluminium: 5052 marine aluminium will not become brittle, delaminate, peel, water log, check, rot or swell. It assures uniform thickness of hull sections.

    • Foam inner liner for quiet paddling
    • Foam side sponsons for stability
    • Constructed from a single sheet of marine aluminium
    • Impact resistant - will only dent rather than puncture
    • Lightweight offering excellent load capacity
    • Full bottom keel for protection and improved handling
    • Two Laminated paddles standard
    • Extruded inner ribs for added strength
    • Two nylon carrying handles at either end
    • 30' anchor rope


    • Length: 11' 8"
    • Beam: 38"
    • Centre Depth: 13”
    • Weight: 46 lbs
    • Carrying Capacity: 550 lbs
    • Maximum Horsepower: 2
    • Person Capacity: 2


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Sportspal Canoes are warranted for one year against defects in material and workmanship to the original retail purchaser for private and non-commercial use. Transportation to and from the factory is at customer expense.