Blackfish Andaman 520 Carbon 1pc SUP Paddle


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Blackfish Andaman 520 Carbon 1pc SUP Paddle

Blackfish Andaman 520 Carbon 1pc SUP Paddle

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Blackfish Andaman Paddle: Discover the Difference

The Blackfish Andaman Paddle will help you advance your kayaking. This paddle's flawless construction and low weight enable you to navigate the seas with ease.

The Blackfish Andaman will give your paddle strokes more force. Its distinctive shape increases your strength and enables effortless and effective navigation over all bodies of water.


Blackfish Andaman: For Every Adventure

Enjoy the ideal balance of comfort and toughness. The ergonomic shape of the Andaman paddle assures optimum comfort, and its durable construction guarantees lifetime.

Gain more command over your kayaking journey. The Andaman paddle is simple to use and has a great grip that improves manoeuvrability in any circumstance.

Utilise the Blackfish Andaman Paddle to unlock the joy of the sea. Nothing should stand in the way of your water excursion.


Key Features

  • Full 3k twill carbon construction
  • The perfect blend of weight and flex
  • Clean entry, stable and powerful during the stroke
  • 10-degree blade to shaft angle
  • ABS rails to provide durability
  • Blade, shaft and handle are all fabricated using Bio-Resin
  • Always shipped in a paddle sock with no bubble wrap


Additional Features

Shaft Carbon Adjustable, Carbon Filament
Handle Ergo
Size 520cm
Options 1, 2 or 3 piece




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