Andaman 580 Carbon 1pc SUP Paddle


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Blackfish Andaman 580 Carbon 1pc SUP Paddle

Andaman 580 Carbon 1pc SUP Paddle

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Blackfish Andaman: High-Performance SUP Paddle

The Blackfish Andaman 580 Carbon 1pc SUP Paddle takes your paddleboarding to a new level. Built with high-quality carbon material, it offers incredible durability and lightweight handling for the ultimate paddling performance. This 1pc design ensures a sturdy feel, giving you confidence on every stroke. As a premium accessory in water sports, the Andaman 580 stands out for its professional grade and advanced features. Choose Blackfish for a reliable, high-performance paddleboarding experience.


Empower Your Adventure with the Andaman Paddle

The Andaman Paddle, your dependable travel partner on all paddleboarding excursions, will help you unleash your inner adventurer. This premium paddle, known for its durable design, combines cutting-edge materials with exquisite craftsmanship to provide an unrivalled paddling experience.


Unmatched Durability and Performance

The Andaman Paddle's attraction is rooted in its toughness. With its extreme strength and ability to withstand the worst water conditions, this paddle gives you limitless options. This paddle won't let you down whether you're on leisurely lake cruises or heart-pounding ocean expeditions.


Superior Comfort in Every Stroke

Enjoy comfort with each paddle stroke. Your experience on the water will be more pleasurable thanks to the ergonomic grip design of the Andaman Paddle. Let your excursions be inspired by the perfect symmetry between your hand and the paddle.


Key Features

  • Full 3k twill carbon construction
  • The perfect blend of weight and flex
  • Clean entry, stable and powerful during the stroke
  • 10-degree blade to shaft angle
  • ABS rails to provide durability
  • Blade, shaft and handle are all fabricated using Bio-Resin
  • Always shipped in a paddle sock with no bubble wrap


Additional Features

Shaft Carbon Adjustable, Carbon Filament
Handle Ergo
Size 580cm
Options 1, 2 or 3 piece



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