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Broughton/Johnstone Strait Map by Coast & Kayak

Broughton/Johnstone Strait Map

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Wild Coast Magazine's six fold-out maps is designed to give the best scale and overview of each region for use in the living room to plan the trip and on the water to get your bearings. While printed on hardy stock, they are not waterproof so be sure to keep in a protected chart case when on the water. Each map is 22x36 inches and folds to 4x11 for handy storage. All are designed with kayakers in mind and include handy references not included with charts such as campsites, launch locations and scenic features. 

About the Broughton/Johnstone region: .The north entrance to Johnstone Strait at Telegraph Cove is one of the most popular kayaking destinations in British Columbia. The main draw is the annual migration of killer whales. Hundreds arrive annually during the summer months to feed in the nearby waters, creating an industry of whale watching boats and kayaking tours. Convenient campsites are located along both sides of the Strait in places like Boat Harbour, Kikash Creek and Hanson Island.For those venturing toward Broughton Archipelago Provincial Park, a huge draw is Meem Quam Leese on Village Island, where you can tour an old First Nation village and see the remnants of house posts and a long house. Intricate paddling is possible in the Carey Group and Indian Group just northeast of Hanson Island, making this a reasonably simple area to reach for some wonderful island meandering. Campsite are numerous, with a few likely to be unpopulated (most kayakers tend to cluster at places like Mound Island). For those who can get farther afield the rewards become greater. Excellent paddling is possible in the more northerly island clusters like the Fox Group and the Burdwood Group. Both have excellent campsites as well.


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