Canoe Foam Block Extra Tall Universal


Canoe Foam Block Extra Tall Universal | Western Canoe and Kayak

Canoe Foam Block Extra Tall Universal

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Secure Canoeing with Extra Tall Foam Block

Introducing our Extra Tall Universal Canoe Foam Block, a vital accessory designed to maximize your canoe's stability and protection. The extra tall design accommodates a variety of canoe sizes, offering enhanced support and reducing the risk of damage during transport. Made from high-density foam, this block is robust and reliable. Its universal fit adds to its convenience, making it a must-have for any canoeing adventure. Invest in your peace of mind with this essential canoe gear.


High quality minicell foam blocks provide simple and effective way to carry a canoe on most roof-rack configurations, including naked roofs. Foam blocks provide a safe surface for your vehicle and canoe. Use these blocks to make your own kayak carrier system or as replacement block for any Canoe top carrier kit.


    • 6.5" Tall
    • 4" x 7.75" at the Base
    • 4" at the Top

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