Kayak Foam Block Extra Wide Universal 16"


Kayak Foam Block Extra Wide Universal 16"

Kayak Foam Block Extra Wide Universal 16"

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Norseman AllFoam Kayak Foam Block: Best Kayak Support 2023

Enhance the safety of your kayak transportation with the Norseman AllFoam Kayak Foam Block. This extra-wide 16" universal foam block is designed for optimal support and protection. Crafted from high-density foam, it ensures your kayak is secure during transport. This Norseman AllFoam Block is a testimony to the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and eco-friendly solutions, making it an essential part of your paddling gear.


Transport Made Easy with AllFoam Block

High quality minicell foam blocks provide simple and effective way to carry kayaks on most roof-rack configurations, including naked roofs. Foam blocks provide a safe surface for your vehicle and Kayaks. Use the these blocks to make your own system or as replacement block for any kayak roof top carrier kit.


Unwavering Stability

Stability is your constant companion with the Extra Wide Universal 16" Kayak Foam Block. This crucial addition has been thoughtfully created to provide your kayak with unmatched support during transportation, making sure your voyage begins and concludes without a hitch.



Our Kayak Foam Block, which is made of high-density foam, provides excellent protection for both your kayak and car. Its distinctive extra-wide shape fits nicely on your car's roof rack, protecting your kayak from dents and scratches while also shielding your car from potential harm.


Embracing Eco-Friendliness

We support protecting the gorgeous seas that you trek out to discover. Our kayak foam block is environmentally responsible, allowing us to minimise our impact on the environment while yet giving you a product that performs above your standards and is durable.



    • Width: 4.75"
    • Height: 4" H
    • Length: 16" 
    • Sold in singles



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