Ocoee Padded Divider Set


Ocoee Padded Divider Set

Ocoee Padded Divider Set

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Watershed's dividers are constructed of fleece and padded closed-cell foam, along with velcro attachments which are meant to adjoin to the interior of the Ocoee padded liner. These are a photographers dream! Each piece is customizable in order to design protection specific to your needs. They have already been extensively tested by our Team Watershed members and are working out perfectly with HD cameras, video cameras, as well as digital SLRs. These are great accessories to add to your current line up of Watershed products.
*Please note the Ocoee Divider set contains 10 pieces, not 11. There are 3 of the dividers on the bottom row per set, not 4. Also, Ocoee Liners purchased before August 2010 are not compatible with the velcro Divider Sets
Weight: 7oz


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