S-Turn Elbow Pads


S-Turn Elbow Pads

S-Turn Elbow Pads

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Maximize Protection with S-Turn Pads

Maximize your protection with S-Turn Elbow Pads. These high-quality pads offer optimal safety for water sports enthusiasts. Designed for comfort and durability, they are water-resistant and adjustable for a perfect fit. Their high impact resistance ensures you can confidently navigate any kayaking or canoeing adventure.


Elbow Pads for Adventure Sports

No need to dust off your old rollerblading elbow pads, the WRSI S-Turn Elbow Pads give your pointy parts the ultimate protection from geologic threats. A new weapon in the ongoing battle against immovable objects on and off the river. 



  • Three adjustable straps and a mesh elastic sleeve with silicone grip lock the S-Turn comfortably in place.
  • ABS plastic armor shrugs off blows and glides across rock without catching.
  • 3 mm perforated foam padding absorbs impacts.
  • Patterned to flex naturally for unrestricted paddling.
  • Works equally well over bare arms or drytop sleeves.
  • Two sizes to fit nearly any paddler.


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