Sting Ray Hybrid 2pc Posi-Lok

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Sting Ray Hybrid 2pc Posi-Lok

Sting Ray Hybrid 2pc Posi-Lok

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The Sting Ray Hybrid is the lightest injection molded kayak paddle available at its price point. With its mid-sized blades built of exclusive Aqua Bound abXII resin reinforced with fiberglass and its all-carbon shaft, this paddle reduces fatigue and joint strain for flat-water paddlers. The Sting Ray Hybrid has two ferrule options. In addition to a snug 3-hole snap-button ferrule (0° to 60°, L and R feathering angles), this paddle also offers the Posi-Lok® ferrule system which clicks into position firmly and securely. The Posi-Lok® features a strong, corrosion-free composite construction, convenient dual-button release, and infinite feathering angles.

** If purchasing for use with an inflatable kayak, size up to either 240 or 250 **


Updated for 2023!

The Sting Ray Hybrid is the lightest injection molded kayak paddle, combining a high-performance carbon shaft with non-stop nylon blades to make it 4 ounces lighter than comparable models.


  • The Sting Ray Hybrid is the lightest flatwater injection molded kayak paddle on the market for this price range, at only 30 ounces.
  • Stronger blade with a new design. The revised blade shape offers a smoother forward stroke with a reduced possibility of flutter, a stiffer feel, and quieter entrance and departure. The new fiberglass + nylon blade material is thicker, stronger (i.e., has less flex), and more resilient over time.
  • Blades made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon provide the ideal amount of flex and are engineered for forgiveness, keeping the kayak moving quickly even when you're carrying more cargo than usual.
  • The optimal blade size is 92.5 square inches because it offers just enough torque to move the kayak without wearing you out.
  • Low-angle paddlers, whose forward stroke is more relaxed or horizontal, choose the conventional "mid-sized" or slim blade shape.
  • The precisely designed blade form cuts into and out of the water and reduces wind resistance-related fatigue.
    A silky-smooth forward stroke with minimal tolerance for flapping is provided by the sharp dihedral, conserving your energy for longer paddling excursions.
  • Because the 100% carbon shaft is the lightest material possible, paddling is more pleasurable and less tiring on longer excursions. One of the strongest alternatives available, the carbon weave is tight and secure.
    Where the hands go, the shaft is ovalized for more comfort and control, and to reduce the risk of blisters.
  • Due to its snug fit, ease of use, and durability, the Posi-LokTM ferrule is currently the industry standard in paddlesports. The rapid, simple ability to change the blade offset in 15-degree increments according to the wind and other paddling circumstances is appreciated by paddlers. A durable option that can last for many years is the carbon ferrule.
  • A carbon ferrule insert is compact, lightweight, and suitable for extended use. This is a significant improvement over glass or plastic ferrule inserts.
  • Offering two color choices: Sunset Red, the perfect pal for an evening paddle excursion, and white, the most popular choice.
  • Built by a group of paddlers and outdoor lovers in Osceola, Wisconsin, in the United States, with pride.
  • Ferrule with a Licenced US Patent No. 6,881,111



Shaft Material: 100% Carbon, Ovalized
Blade Material: abXII Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
Blade Size: 6.5 x 18 in. (16.5 x 46 cm)
Blade Surface Area: 92.5 sq. in. (597 sq. cm)
Weight: 30 oz. (850 g)
Ferrule Angles:  Infinite



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