Footbrace Kit w/Hardware

Footbrace Kit shown in Black

Footbrace Kit w/Hardware

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This kit is easily added to any canoe to give the paddler extra leverage against their paddle stroke.

Also available with the bar only. *Pins sold separately with this option

Kit Contents:

  • 1X Footbrace bar
  • 2X Footbrace Pins
  • 2X Side Angle Brackets
  • 7X Sealed Rivets

Tools Requires:

  • Drill with 3/16” (11#) Drill bit
  • Pop Rivet Gun
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil


  1. Place Footbrace approximately 21” from the front of the stern seat angle. Measure 7” from the bottom of the canoe.
  2. With a pencil, trace the three holes of the side angle brackets, onto the side of the canoe.
  3. Pre-drill holes with 1/8” (11#) bit.
  4. Pop rivet angle on the sealed rivets. Repeat for other side.
  5. Install footbrace to fit the paddler’s legs.


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