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9R M

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The Pyranha 9R has the agility of a much shorter kayak thanks to the tailored rocker profile, and rewards power strokes with explosive velocity thanks to its narrow width and maximum waterline and is best suited to a driven paddling style with control strokes around the bow to middle of the boat. Narrow width not only increases the dynamic speed of the Pyranha 9R, but also offers immense connectivity, effortless rolling, and lightning fast edge to edge transitions, even for smaller and shorter paddlers.



    • Size: 9R M
    • Length: 271cm / 8' 11"
    • Width: 64cm / 25.2"
    • External Cockpit Length: 95cm / 37.4"
    • External Cockpit Width: 50cm / 19.5"
    • Volume: 295l / 78gal (US)
    • Weight: 21kg / 46lb
    • Optimum Paddler Weight: 60 - 95kg / 132 - 209lb



    • Swede Form Hull: Asymmetric Swede form hull with narrow width for speed.
    • Continuous Rocker: For Seed.
    • Wave Deflector: The latest Pyranha innovative feature, deflects most waves away from the kayak, generating dynamic lift and stopping surface tension, so it doesn't load the kayak with massive weight and slow the kayak down.
    • High, Rounded, Flatter Bow: High bow to lift over obstacles, punch through holes and resurface quickly. Rounded edges for forgiveness help to keep you on line. Flatter bow hull directs water under hull for quick bursts to hull speed.
    • Slight Edge: Starting in the center running to stern for control.
    • Release Off Stern: Clean release off stern with edge.
    • Aluminum Grab Handles: New 2014 Aluminium grab handles are stronger and more durable. Attached with captive inserts for a drier ride.
    • Stout Seat: Longer, more ergonomically shaped seat pan provides a 3 way adjustable system that gives a bomb proof seating position.


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