S14 G2 Advantage with Rudder


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S14 Advantage Recreational with Rudder - Top - Orange - *Shown without Rudder | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

S14 G2 Advantage with Rudder

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Stellar Kayaks - Colour Option Abbreviations

When selecting your Stellar kayak, note the following colour abbreviations:

  • D: Deck
  • C: Cockpit
  • S: Stripe

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The second-generation S14(G2) pays homage to the original in its hull shape, but Stellar added some beam to increase the primary stability and a touch of volume for the carrying capacity. You will find this boat retains the smooth efficient feel in the water with updated features above the waterline. A paddle recess behind the cockpit rim, a wider and more functional lock bar and more aggressive cut-aways make for a tighter catch and modern look, plus the convenience of a deck pod makes storing a phone or keys easy. To round out this best seller, Stellar refined the ergonomics of the cockpit and seating position for better rotation and rolling.


Advantage Construction

    • Weight: 36.4 lbs / 16.5kg
    • Description: Great combination of weight, stiffness, durability and cost. Gelcoat finished heat cured infused epoxy Fiberglass and Soric® core laminate is very tough and resists against punctures. A great race boat on a tight budget. The Advantage hits the mark for price to weight ratio for most kayak paddlers.


    • Cockpit: Egg shaped cockpit rim for a watertight fit on your spray skirt. Increased thigh brace height for more ergonomic fit
    • Decks: Higher volume deck for larger sized paddlers. Cut-aways on bow deck for narrow catch and an efficient stroke. Added Deck pod for convenient small item storage
    • Bow & Stern Handles: Ergonomic carry handles for a comfortable haul to and from the water
    • Stern Deck: Paddle recess to aid in remounts. Wider security bar opening. Static perimeter line and cross deck bungee
    • Storage Compartments: large stern hatch and medium bow hatch for 2 water tight storage compartments
    • Adjustable Skeg: Low drag skeg to help with tracking. Solid wire for construction for durability
    • Smart Track Rudder: Efficient steering and low drag hydrofoil fin, the intuitive Smart Track rudder comes factory installed
    • Stability & Speed: Efficient swede form hull. Great primary stability and excellent secondary stability with the soft chines
    • Modified Hull Shape: Increased beam for added capacity and stability. Longer waterline and decrease wetted surface area to increase hull efficiencies



    • Length: 14'4" / 4.4 m
    • Beam: 24.5" / 62.1 cm
    • Depth: 13.6" / 34.5 cm
    • Cockpit opening width: 17.3" / 44 cm
    • Cockpit Opening length: 33' 7" / 85.5 cm
    • Coaming height forward: 13.2 / 33.5 cm
    • Coaming height aft: 9.5' / 24 cm
    • Height of seat: 0.09' / 2.5 cm"
    • Max. Capacity 342lb / 155kg (wl 5cm below joint)
    • Bow Compartment Capacity: 15.1 Gal / 57 L
    • Stern Compartment Capacity: 33 Gal / 125 L


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