Inflatable SUP 10'8" x 33" x 4.75" iGo Tikhine Deluxe SC


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2022 Starboard Inflatable 10’8″ X 33″ X 4.75″ iGo (Tikhine) Wave Deluxe SC

Inflatable SUP 10'8" x 33" x 4.75" iGo Tikhine Deluxe SC

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Simply get on the iGO, Starboard's most well-liked line of inflatable paddle boards, and begin paddling. In order to paddle securely and comfortably while knowing that your board is a life raft, you may secure yourself with the provided flat, lightweight leash before getting on. On your upcoming big SUP adventure, the bungee straps at the nose are great for storing all kinds of dry bags or gear.

The iGO boards are renowned for their stability, good speed, and ease of turning while stepping back onto the wide tail area. The board's straight outline makes it easier to paddle straight and allows you to take more strokes on one side before having to switch sides, both of which improve comfort and even speed.


Advanced Technology for Superior Performance

This board offers unmatched stiffness, stability, and performance thanks to Starboard's Deluxe Single Chamber technology. Because of its distinctive design, the board will remain inflated even if a hole is made in one area, allowing you to safely return to land. The pointed nose and broad tail allow for effortless, smooth paddling over waves, while the wide tail offers stability and manoeuvrability.


Stunning Design for Unbeatable Style

Award-winning artist Sonni Honscheid created the iGO Tikhine Wave Deluxe SC, bringing her distinctive and beautiful creative aesthetic to this board. This board will attract attention both on and off the water thanks to its striking colours and detailed patterns. You'll enjoy bragging about your fashionable paddleboard to your friends and other kayakers.


Versatile for All Skill Levels and Conditions

The iGO Tikhine Wave Deluxe SC is ideal for paddlers of any skill level, novice or expert. Beginners will find stability in the broad tail, while more seasoned paddlers will find ease in manoeuvrability in the cutting-edge technology and pointed nose. Additionally adaptable, the board can handle any wave or condition, from gentle lake waves to rough ocean waves.


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