Inflatable SUP 11'2" x 31" x 6" iGo Deluxe DC 2022


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Starboard Inflatable SUP 11'2" x 31" x 6" iGo Deluxe DC 2022

Inflatable SUP 11'2" x 31" x 6" iGo Deluxe DC 2022

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Paddleboarding Perfected: iGO Deluxe DC

With Starboard, you can enjoy paddleboarding like never before. Our ultra-light paddle boards include the distinctive Starboard shoulder carry strap, enabling a hassle-free trip to the shore with both hands free for convenience, even before you hit the water. When you're ready, fasten the lightweight leash that comes with your board for a secure, safe paddle that doubles as a life preserver. To secure your gear and necessities for an exciting SUP excursion, use the front Bungee straps.

The height of steadiness, quickness, and nimbleness are the iGO boards. Its straight profile, which was designed to improve your voyage, assures fewer paddle swaps, maximising your comfort and increasing your speed. Perfect for first-timers, family vacations, or just those looking for a smooth paddle experience.


So, what does your ideal paddle board encompass?


WELDED RAIL TECHNOLOGY: Starboard guarantees longevity and resilience with its inflatable paddle boards, which benefit from the Welded Rail Technology. Say goodbye to the concern of weakening glue over time!

THE OUTLINE SHAPE: Its strategic design – a straight outline with a slender mid-section – ensures an intimate paddle-board connection, granting you unmatched stability, better tracking, and quicker gliding. The wide tail, on the other hand, promises swift, controlled turns.

2-IN-1 SHOULDER CARRY STRAP & PADDLE HOLDER: Effortlessly hang the board on your shoulder, freeing up your hands. And when it's not needed? The strap remains inconspicuous, eliminating water drag. [Note: Strap to be purchased separately for Zen construction]

BUNGEE TIE DOWN: Conveniently secure your belongings with the front-facing bungee tie, supported by 4 D-rings.

FLAT CARRY HANDLE: Designed for dual convenience – perfect grip when carrying and absolute comfort during Yoga sessions. [Available only on Tikhine and Zen models]

2 TIKHINE ART OPTIONS: Elevate your paddleboarding experience with our Deluxe Single Chamber designs. Let art and functionality merge with designs curated by the global SUP champion and artist, Sonni Honscheid.

MATCHING TIKHINE PADDLES: Complement your Tikhine board with the corresponding paddles. Crafted with the latest Tiki Tech construction.

INCLUDED PUMP: Ensure optimal inflation with our specialized Tiki and V8 pumps, based on the board variant.

RE-COVER BAG: Experience travel comfort with our lightweight bag, replete with roller wheels and an ergonomic hiking strap.

FREE LIGHTWEIGHT LEASH: Our 70g leash is both featherlight and user-friendly, ensuring safety without compromise.

WINDSURF OPTION: Versatility at its best! Our windsurfing features promise an unmatched experience.

CONSTRUCTION: Experience the sturdiest boards with the Fusion Woven dropstitch and Heat Welded rails, promising unparalleled durability and stiffness. Our Deluxe boards, especially with the optional Double Chamber, come tantalizingly close to the feel of hard boards, ensuring not just premium quality but also enhanced safety.



Model 12’0” x 33" iGO
Rider Weight 55-120 kg
Length 12’0” / 365.8 cm
Width 33" / 83.8 cm
Thickness 6" / 15 cm
Tail Width 18.1” / 46 cm
Volume 365 L
Fin Set Up Single
Fins 9"
Weight DDC: 12.4 kg (Avg.)




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