15 Rangeley T-Formex


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15 Rangeley T-Formex

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The little brother to the Rangeley 17 has the same width at midship as the Rangeley 17 and offers tremendous stability for a 15 footer. Great handling and an even more agile turning boat for closer quarters and easier car-topping, the Rangeley 15 is sure to be your choice for smaller waters and comfortable days sporting. This boat is a manageable and reliable rowing tender as well as a serious fishing craft or hunting tool.


    • Construction: T-Formex
    • Length: 4.57 m (15’)
    • Width: 129.54 cm (51”)
    • Depth: 40.6 cm (16”)
    • Shape: Square Stern
    • Gunwale: Vinyl
    • Colour: Camo, Green, Olive
    • Weight: 52.16 kg (115 lbs)
    • Carrying capacity: 240 kg (527 lb)
    • Seats: Webbed seats
    • Max outboard: 6 HP or 4.5 kw


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