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Duva Fibreglass

Duva Fibreglass


The Duva is one of the fastest composite kayaks available in the 16' length available at Western Canoeing & Kayaking. It is also one of the lightest because of the vacuum bagged manufacturing process. Its 23 inch width assures stability when things get rough on the water. Beginners as well as experienced paddlers will appreciate this kayak. It comes with a comfortable seat with adjustable seat back. Also available in a carbon layup.


  • Two bulkheads
  • Rudder
  • Vacuum Molded Composite
  • Adjustable backrest


  • Weight: 50.7 lbs (23kg)
  • Length: 16'.3" (498cm)
  • Width: 22.8" (58cm)
  • Cockpit Dimensions: 30.7" X 16.9" X 11.4" (78cm X 43cm 29cm)
  • Total Volume: 285L
  • Bulkhead: 59L
  • Cockpit: 132L
  • Rear Bulkhead: 94L
  • Recommended  paddler weight: 132.3lb - 198.4lb (60kg. - 90kg)
  • Max loading weight: 264.5lb (120kg)

Duva Kayaks are available in Carbon or Fibreglass.



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