Fin Kit - Turbo MD180 Kick Up

Hobie Cat Company

Fin Kit - Turbo MD180 Kick Up

Fin Kit - Turbo MD180 Kick Up

$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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Hobie created the Turbo Fin Upgrade Kit with performance in mind. Our Turbo fins incorporate a larger fin template, providing faster top-end speed, increased responsiveness and the ability to cover more water with less pedaling. Additionally, most individuals prefer the longer fin for increased lateral resistance when using a Mirage Sail kit.


  • Increased surface area for added power and performance
  • Adjustable fin tension for a completely customizable feel
  • More water displacement for increased efficiency; less pedal strokes per mile
  • Increased length for lateral resistance when sailing upwind
  • Fins fold flat against the hull for pedaling in extremely shallow water


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