Inflatable Repair Instructions

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PVC Repair Kit instructions

Required Materials

    • •  Provided Glue
    • •  MEK or Denatured Alcohol
    • •  PVC patches
    • •  Protective gloves and eyewear
    • •  Painters tape
    • •  Small brush
    • •  Dull putty knife
    • •  Clamp



    • •  Prep the area by applying MEK or Denatured Alcohol to both the surface of the boat and to the patch (use gloves, mask and eye protection). Let it dry.
    • •  Prep the patch by cutting it to size. It is recommended to go about ½” wider than the hole and round out the edges of the patch.
    • •  Put the patch over the hole (no glue) trace the outside of the patch with a pen.
    • •  Apply masking tape to the outside edge of the pen mark. This is so the glue doesn’t go outside of the patch and make a mess.
    • •  Apply a thin layer of glue with a brush to both boat and to the patch. Let this dry for 5-8 minutes. Don’t apply the patch when the glue is wet and also don’t apply too much glue. The glue is a contact cement and is meant to be applied once the glue is dry.
    • •  Put the patch on the boat- the masking tape will help guide you on exactly where the patch is to be applied.
    • •  Put pressure on the patch with a dull instrument (wood dull putty knife) pressing down the entire area of the patch.
    • •  Clamp a flat piece of wood over the patch and another flat piece of wood on the other side of the boat. Tighten the clamps snug, not too tight. Use two clamps if possible. Leave it clamped for 24 hrs. You can also use something heavy to apply pressure.