• Havoc Helmet in the 4 Available Colours Havoc Helmet


    Havoc Helmet

    The NRS Havoc Helmet is your one-size-fits-most solution to whitewater safety. Our Dial-Fit system lets you quickly and easily adjust the fit to accommodate almost any head size. Features  Protect nearly any adult with the same helmet. No …

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    Strutter Helmet | Dirt Black Strutter Helmet | Dirt Black

    Sweet Protection

    Strutter Helmet

    Originally designed in 1997 and still the most iconic helmet in paddlesports, the Strutter offers impressive low-volume protection for river running and playboating. Inspired by the original baseball cap, the computerized 3D shape provides great styl…

    $199.99 - $249.99
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    Onewheel Fender Kit Onewheel Fender Kit


    Onewheel Fender Kit

    The Onewheel Fender easily screws into place using the included fasteners and Allen-wrench. As a result, riders are able to easily install and remove depending on conditions. Say goodbye to the days of soggy pants and pebbles in your shoes…

    MSRP: $108.95
    Was: $108.95
    Now: $89.00
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    Onewheel Pint | WCK Staff Pick Onewheel Pint - Sand | Western Canoe and Kayak


    Onewheel Pint

    The Onewheel ride experience distilled into a smaller package for your every-day journeys and adventures. There is more to Pint than one big wheel in the center. It is highly integrated piece of high tech machinery with more to it than first mee…

    MSRP: $1,500.00
    Was: $1,500.00
    Now: $1,125.00
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    MagHandle Mount XR MagHandle Mount
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    XR MagHandle Mount

    The XR Maghandle Mount enables Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR owners to use the Maghandle, the easiest way to carry your Onewheel. The XR Maghandle Mount attaches to your axle block and allows you to connect all Maghandle variations to it. If you’r…

    MSRP: $57.95
    Was: $57.95
    Now: $55.00
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    Onewheel Car Charger
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    Onewheel Car Charger

    Go places, do things, stay charged. Introducing the Onewheel car charger, a game changer for long adventures. Just plug it in and juice up your board while you drive.Compatible with Onewheel Original and Onewheel+.  10A cigarette lighter outlet…

    MSRP: $127.95
    Was: $127.95
    Now: $110.00
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  • WRSI Trident - Ghost WRSI Trident - Ghost


    Trident Helmet

    The Trident builds on our legacy of advancing whitewater safety equipment by adding a high-impact carbon-composite shell to our 3-Layer Impact Absorption System. Add our Interconnect Retention System and O-Brace harness, and you have a helmet enginee…

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    XR Bumpers | Navy Blue XR Bumpers


    XR Bumpers

    Life is hard - sometimes you need Bumpers to take the brunt of it. These high density polyethylene beasts are ready for anything you throw at them. Designed to absorb impact, Bumpers are easily swapped out so grab yourself an extra pair. A Bumper or…

    MSRP: $69.95
    Was: $69.95
    Now: $59.00
  • GT Rail Guards | Dark Olive GT Rail Guards


    GT Rail Guards

    Designed with adventures in mind, Onewheel GT Rail Guards protect your board and customize your look. GT Rail Guards sport an ultra-durable adhesive-backed plastic providing defense against scratches and scrapes to keep your board looking fresh. And …

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    Onewheel Car Holder Onewheel Car Holder
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    Onewheel Car Holder

    Tired of it sounding like you have a body in your trunk? A brilliantly minimal but incredibly effective system keeps your board secure and stationary while you drive. It fits the hub of your Onewheel motor perfectly, takes up virtually no room and yo…

    MSRP: $89.95
    Was: $89.95
    Now: $75.00
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    Rail Guards - Pint | Red Rail Guards - Pint


    Rail Guards - Pint

    Make it yours and protect your board in style with the all-new, ultra-fresh Pint Rail Guards. If you just want to switch up the vibe or your board is looking a little battle worn, just throw on a fresh pair of Rail Guards and Voila! It's new car...

    MSRP: $45.95
    Was: $45.95
    Now: $39.00
  • XR Rail Guards - Black | Western Canoeing & Kayaking XR Rail Guards - Clear | Western Canoeing & Kayaking


    XR Rail Guards

    Make it yours and protect your board in style with XR Rail Guards. These stylish and durable Rail Guards come in a host of different colours and are an awesome way to customize your board and keep it fresh. Backed with a strong adhesive and made…

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    Salus Eddy Flex PFD | WCK Staff Pick Eddy Flex PFD - Navy | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

    Salus Marine

    Eddy Flex PFD

    Salus Marine's most popular vest, the Salus Eddy-Flex offers added contouring back foam, tapered shoulders, Dry-Lex back lining, pull-forward adjustments and an easy-grab zipper tab, making it a...

    $126.65 - $149.00
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    Blackfoot Angler 130 | WCK Staff Pick Blackfoot Angler 130
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    Blackfoot Angler 130

    A complete re-design of our well-loved technical angling kayak. Loaded with features and optimized to impress today’s most sophisticated anglers. If you spend your waking (and...

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    Chelan 120 | WCK Staff Pick Chelan 120
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    Chelan 120

    Chelan series sets the standard for performance touring inflatable boats. Newly re-designed, Chelan 120 raises the bar yet again. This boat is optimized for speed and paddling...

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    Hobie Mirage Compass Duo - Papaya Hobie Mirage Compass Duo - Seagrass


    Compass Duo

    The Mirage Compass Duo is powered by dual MirageDrives with Kick-Up Fins that retract on impact. Equipped with the MirageDrive 180 and a MirageDrive with Glide Technology, the Duo delivers a smooth...

    Rewind MD | WCK Staff Pick Rewind MD Cosmos Profile


    Rewind Medium

    Named “Best Whitewater Boat" - 2019 Paddling Magazine Industry Awards Dagger has a reputation of creating boats that not only define an era but stand the test of time; the all-new Rewind is an...

    MSRP: $2,099.00
    Was: $2,099.00
    Now: $1,779.00
    Cultus Fiberglass 2pc Kayak Paddle | Western Canoe and Kayak Cultus Fiberglass 2pc Kayak Paddle | Western Canoe and Kayak


    Cultus Fiberglass 2pc Kayak Paddle

    The Cultus Fiberglass 4 Piece Kayak paddle is a perfect entry level paddle that can easily compete with the best on the market for quality and price. The fiberglass shaft and plastic blade will keep...