Dancer 3

Soul Waterman

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Soul Waterman Dancer 3 - Light Sabre Orange | Western Canoe Kayak

Dancer 3

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All the design concepts of the new Dancer have the same end user goal as the original Dancer - make it easier to use than the contemporary designs available, coming to the same goal of paddling enjoyment from completely opposite directions. We've called it the Dancer 3, because it's the third generation of the boat, is 3m (300cm) long and is 300ltrs. That's a lot of 3's!
Making a boat "easier" to paddle today ironically, is to increase length and reduce rocker compared to a modern creek boat (just slightly) - the opposite design direction the original Dancer went in its day compared to the boats it was measured against. Being longer than todays average boats means less fatigue paddling as it's faster. Slightly lower rocker means better tracking, which make it easier. Lower knees makes it easier to roll than a normal creek boat. Slightly flatish hull through the tail increases initial stability without making it edgy, and makes it surf more easily and fluidly than a creek boat. The Yellow is made with lightweight construction, does not have the blue hull plate under the seat and has a slightly thinner construction. Orange comes with the 2020 fittings, extra heavy duty construction, and hull plate. 



  • Length: 9'10" | 300cm
  • Width: 25.5" | 65cm
  • Height (Front): 12.7" | 32cm
  • Height (Back): 11.3" | 29cm
  • Nose Rocker: 10.8" | 28cm
  • Tail Rocker: 8.2" | 20.5cm
  • Rocker Type: Continuous
  • Cockpit Length (Outside): 34.3" | 87cm
  • Cockpit Width (Outside): 20" | 51cm
  • Plastic type: Hilex 14 HDPE
  • Boat Weight (Standard): 48lbs | 22kg
  • Boat Weight (Yellow): 37lbs | 16.5kg (Not for creeking use)
  • General use Paddler Weight: 140lbs-230lbs | 64kg-105kg
  • Beginner Paddler Weight: 120lbs-210lbs | 54kg-95kg
  • Standard Outfitting: Skeletor Extreme 2
  • Bulkhead System: Standard
  • Slalom Foot Pedals: yellow boat
  • Grab Loop: 3
  • Volume: 79 Gal | 300ltr
  • Lifetime Warranty




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