S12 Advantage


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S12 Advantage Recreational - White - Top | Western Canoeing & Kayaking

S12 Advantage

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The Stellar 12' (S12) Recreational Kayak is a great transitional boat. Great primary stability and tracking with efficient hull lines provide confidence and performance to those who paddle it. The over sized cockpit opening make it easy to enter or exit the boat. Water tight bow and stern storage compartments have ample storage for day tripping or overnight tours.


Advantage Construction

    • Weight: 33.5 lbs / 15.2kg
    • Description: Great combination of weight, stiffness, durability and cost. Gelcoat finished heat cured infused epoxy Fiberglass and Soric® core laminate is very tough and resists against punctures. A great race boat on a tight budget. The Advantage hits the mark for price to weight ratio for most kayak paddlers.


    • Cockpit: Extra large oval cockpit for easy entry and exit with heel pad. Adjustable padded seat, with a water bottle holder
    • Decks: High volume deck for a dry ride in the chop. Cut-aways on bow deck for narrow catch and an efficient stroke. Static perimeter line and Bungee X lines for deck rigging
    • Bow & Stern Handles: Ergonomic carry handles for a comfortable haul to and from the water
    • Foot Brace: Smart Track Transitional footbrace is easy to adjust in the boat
    • Storage Compartments: Large stern hatch and medium bow hatch for 2 water tight storage compartments
    • Defined Skeg: Permanent skeg in the hull makes for great tracking
    • Hull Design: Stable design with efficient waterlines for a lively recreational kayak. Excellent maneuverability with short length
    • Joint Line: Double fiberglass taped seam lines, inside and out, for incredibly strong and durable hull and deck joint 


    • Length: 12'/ 3.67 m
    • Beam: 25.6"/ 65 cm
    • Depth: 13.6" / 34.6 cm
    • Paddler: 5' - 6' 6"/ 1.5-2m
    • Capacity: 300 lbs / 135kg
    • Cockpit W: 18.7"
    • Cockpit L: 35.4"
    • Bow Storage: 9.8 Gal
    • Stern Storage: 26.4 Gal


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