Mini Aluminum Oarlock

Mini Aluminum Oarlock

Mini Aluminum Oarlock

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Made with the same advanced technology of the Atomic Aluminum Oarlock, the NRS Mini Aluminum Oarlock is incredibly strong for it's size. This is the toughest small oarlock made.


  • drop-forge production process yields a much higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to cast oarlocks in bronze and other metals, making the NRS Mini Aluminum Oarlock both lightweight and incredibly strong.
  • This oarlock are perfect for personal fishing cats and pontoon boats using smaller oars. (1/2" shaft, 1 13/16" inside diameter and 1 5/16" horn opening.)
  • It is extremely hard to "pop" an oar through the tines of this oarlock, allowing you to row with more confidence.
  • If somehow you do pop an oar, the tines return to their original shape, so you're not left with a bent oarlock.
  • Durable anodized finish eliminates oxidation and discoloration.
  • Smooth finish protects oar shafts, rope wrap and oar sleeves from wear.
  • Includes split ring for securing the oarlock in oar mount.
  • Perfect for use with Cataract Mini-Mags and Carlisle Economy Oars.


Material: Drop-forged aluminum
Horn Opening: 1 5/16"
Inside Diameter: 1 13/16"
Shaft Diameter: 1/2"
Shaft Length: 3"
Total Length: 5 3/4
Includes: Split ring with each oarlock

Sold individually.




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